The High Rise Progression

Luxury Condo & High-Rise Building Supplies

Whether you are a residential or commercial developer, ope手机版下载 has what you need to finish your building project with finesse. NEBS carries a full range of building supplies for professionals and the general public, including:


Commercial Doors, Frames and Hardware
From historic to ultra modern, NEBS has a wide variety of doors for developments in Boston. Pick up glass doors, solid core doors, hollow core doors, fire doors, and other doors. Whether you are trying to recreate a specific look in your hi-rise, or need to replace an existing door that was damaged, we can help you out. View the full range of doors in our 5,000 square foot showroom. If we do not have a specific size or type of door that you need, we would be more than happy to order it and deliver it to your job site.



We carry the latest styles and trends of millwork including trim, molding, sashes, and doors. When you need the right decorative element for your development project, gain inspiration from our wide selection of high quality millwork. Order everything you need delivered to your building site with our convenient same-day delivery.



Insulate your hi-rise development with quality windows. We carry a full range of window sizes and shapes, including a large variety of environmentally friendly windows that will lower your building’s carbon footprint. Our building materials employees stay abreast of all the latest trends in green design, and would be more than happy to walk you through the environmental features of some of our windows to help you make the right decision for your building project.

Cabinets, Hardware and Countertops
Finding high quality kitchen and bath materials for hi-rise developments can be difficult, especially if space is at a premium. At ope手机版下载, we carry all the latest kitchen and bath trends, including wood, stainless steel, tile, and more. Use our estimating software to cost out hi-rise kitchens and baths, curtail waste and overhead, and make the most of your project budget while delivering a desirable residential kitchen space and bathroom oasis.

NatureKast Outdoor Weatherproof Cabinetry
Metal Framing/Gypsum
From the lobby to the roof, find the right framing and insulation materials for your development project. A metal frame adds durability to your building and protects residents. Give your walls the finish the deserve that is resistant to abrasions, cracks and lasts for years to come.

Siding and Trim

Hi-rise siding materials establish the look and feel for your development project. When you need something custom, elegant, functional, and practical for your hi-rise or luxury condominium development, let ope手机版下载 meet your needs. We carry a full range of building siding materials beyond the basics. If we do not have the material you want, or the color you desire, we would be more than happy to order it for you.

A durable roof is a necessity in New England’s four-season weather. Keep your condo residents safe with premier roofing materials from NEBS. We stock the supplies you need for roof construction, replacement, or maintenance. Purchase replacement supplies or everything you need for a new roof at ope手机版下载.

Deck and Rail
Deck and rail materials add charm and visual interest to the exterior spaces of luxury developments. At NEBS, we have a full range of traditional and alternative decking materials, allowing you to choose from cement, pavers, wood, composite, and much more. Railings are an important safety element as well as a way to insert taste and aesthetic into the building’s outdoor common space. View prototype materials, touch and feel deck and rails, and make your building materials decisions at NEBS.

A balcony is the perfect way to give hi-rise residents some outdoor space to increase the quality of life for your building’s residents and make the space more attractive to Boston area renters and home buyers who want their home to include elegant indoor/outdoor spaces. From flooring and railings to exterior lighting, we stock everything you need to incorporate balconies into your next hi-rise development.
ope手机版下载 offers a full selection of flooring options for all your hi-rise development needs. Choose from hardwood, tile, stone or laminate to complete the luxury look for your desired condo residents. Developers, contractors, subcontractors, and other building professionals can learn more about flooring options we have at our downtown Boston facility.